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Re: a99 vs. mklll

I had the a99 and sold it for the 5dMark III.

I find the AF to be quite a bit faster and more accurate; the 61 AF points really help. You can select 40 "cross type" only AF points. Buffer is larger than the a99. High ISO better. Far, far better lens selection; I find the 24-105 a very capable all around lens but I use the Sigma 35mm F/1.4 and the Canon 135mm F/2 most of the time.

If you need range, Canon has the best 70-200 hands down. Also 200 F/2, 200 F/1.8, 300 F/2.8, 400, 100-400 L, 14 mm F/2.8, 17-40 F/4, etc. By far the largest lens selection.

Also the video output of the a99 is poor as I'm sure you've read; if video is a concern at all go with the Canon.

However, for sheer fun factor the a99 wins. The Canon is an unforgiving camera, and I really miss the articulating screen. Both are very capable up to ISO 3200, but above that it's just no contest - there's a reason the ISO goes to 115k on the Canon.

Flash system? Canon hands down.

I would trust the Canon's weather sealing over the Sony as well.

If low ISO dynamic range is a concern, Sony wins easily here.

If you want RAW HDR photos the Canon will do it.

If you want in-body panorama get Sony.

Both feature silent aperture control in video mode. The a99's video has moire, aliasing, lack of detail in wide shots and a low bitrate. The Canon is slightly soft but sharpens up nicely with a small sharpening in post, and has a very high video bitrate (90 MB/s).

Overall I'm much happier with the Canon as I shoot about 50/50 stills and video. You really can't go wrong for stills with either camera - the a99 is a picture taking machine in decent light; easily the best camera Sony's ever made.

Just my .02.

*edit I'm not sure what the post prior to mine is talking about  - the AF point in the viewfinder lights up bright red and SHOWS you what AF point you used.  Perhaps he didn't set something correctly; but I always know what AF point I'm using by half-pressing the shutter on the 5d3.

I think if you want to primarily shoot with the LCD screen, get an a99.  So get the a99 if you're a live-view shooter.  Get the Canon if you shoot with the large optical viewfinder.


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