First attempt with Studio Flash (Falcon Eyes)... can use critics

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Re: First attempt with Studio Flash (Falcon Eyes)... can use critics


The shutterspeed will not make any difference while the flash will have delivered the light in shorter time than the shutterspeed. If not (set shutterspeed on 1/500 sec) than you will see that part if not all of the picture is dark.

So my max sync speed is 1/200 sec. and I do shoot at 1/160 sec.

But as said this does not influence lighting unless you have a lot of ambedient light (which in a studio you do not want a lot of).

So my settings were 1/160 sec and aperture between f2.8 and f5.6. This was depending on the effect I wanted. (for pictures where I want more DOF I use f8 to f11...)

Especially the DOF was important to get the feet in the back out of focus.

So the lighting is controlled by the flashlights and my main light was approx 1/2 of 200 Watt/s and the fill-light approx 1/32 (depending on the distance and diffusor used) with f2.8 to f4 and a distance of approx 1-2m between light and subject.

If I can help you in anyway, please let me know. I'm just as experienced as you probably so maybe the blind can help the deaf

I will post some more pics in a new mailthread and post the link in here after that.

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grt, Alex

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