D300s vs D7100 - is it about spec or is it about handling?

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Re: D300s vs D7100 - is it about spec or is it about handling?

Gary_Scotland wrote:

soukous wrote:

I use a D300s. I love it. It handles like a dream.

I've tried the D7000 and I didn't like it at all. I only shot a couple of frames because it just didn't feel comfortable to use. The controls were - to me - poorly laid out.

I've been reading for months now that the D300s is old hat and a new model is due. Now we have the D7100 and speculation that there will not be a D400.

So how do I upgrade?

It seems as though, in the absence of a D400 my only route is a D600.

And why do Nikon (et al) feel the need to add a video mode to every damn new model they bring out. In my view the shape and handling of a DSLR are poorly suited to video anyway. Why not be bold enough to give us a DSLR that is designed just to take great photos instead of getting into a spiralling war of features that most of us have no desire or need for.

My first thought would be.........why even consider an 'upgrade' if a current camera handles like a dream

My second thought is - what does 'upgrade' really mean?

These questions are hypothetical and not aimed at you, as I agree with everything you write.

It just seems that there has been some very clever marketing over the years that has created a major shift away from photography and into the 'need' of the 'gadget' territory where many people are now in the belief that they 'need to have' the latest camera to take good photos.

It is amazing how this forum is now dominated by this need for a 'new model'. Despite the advances over the past 10 or so years in camera technology, I wonder how many photographers are really producing something now that they couldn't have done 5 years ago (not counting their own development of course )



I have to say that I very much agree with Gary.

I think, before considering an "upgrade" it helps to ask yourself what exactly you're missing in the equipment you already have. In my particular case, I knew that I wanted to get good or at least usable images at ISO 6400 and even 12800. And this was far and away the main reason to enter the world of full frame sensors. Well, there are other benefits of course, like more wide angle lens options, or having each lens offer a different field of view depending on whether it is used on DX or FX. But these are secondary IMO.

In general though, it is rather striking to me that after D300, most technological advances seem to cover what I would consider "corner cases". For me, the wake up call was an "upgrade" to D7000, as I never really found any particularly useful niche for it. In this sense the upgrade was money well spent, in that it taught me how pointless such upgrades could be, and immunized me against wanting to upgrade my D700 to D800 or D600. For the same reason I'm not looking at D7100, because I fail to see what it may bring to the table which will make a real world difference for me. But -- you may see it differently, -- otherwise Nikon, Canon, and all the rest of dSLR makers are going to be in real trouble very soon.

I'm not gonna argue against progress in sensor quality. However, while image quality may be slowly improving, I have to honestly admit that I fail to see any real improvement in the quality of images. This applies to my images, but it also applies to images I see published online. I'm yet to see a great 36MP image that would look poor in mere 12MP, or a lousy 12MP image which would become amazing if it was only taken in 36MP.

What I do want is a camera that handles great and delivers consistently within known constraints. I feel that Nikon had already made such cameras, at least for my needs.

If you feel that you "need" an upgrade, you should probably be specific about the area where you expect a measurable improvement, and whether the benefit is worth the cost involved. Otherwise, you are just buying a new toy. I can't say that anything is wrong with it, this economy needs your spending if nothing else, but I would not expect your photography to make a giant leap forward, -- it seems to me that period is well behind us now.

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