Framing spacer question

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Re: Framing spacer question

TonyGamble wrote:

" Now I can see printing the matt with the photo. I do it all the time with a little gold outline of pic,"

I might try that.

I use these Lyon frames:-,22170,1830.aspx

I break your rule and let the image touch the acrylic front panel. I use lustre paper and have never had a problem. But a discrete outline (how do you get gold?) might be a bonus.


I think it was G. Gray with the 'gold'.

I've been placing my photos directly against glass for several years and have just recently started placing them into matte frames to provide that air space between the glass and the print.

Frankly, I've seen no sticking or damage to my prints placed against glass - even after a few years. I'm far from convinced that this practice is terrible though I've read enough to realize that - under the wrong conditions of temperature and humidity - it could create a problem. So, my motivation for displaying under a frame matte is probably more aesthetic than for eternal preservation.

In any event, in the age of digital photography and inkjet technology, reprinting is no big deal.

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