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Re: a99 vs. mklll

nikoir wrote:

I have been using a700 for 5 years. Had invested in few lenses like sal70200g, sigma 2470 f2.8, old minolta 50mm f1.7 and a flash 42am. I think this is a time to replace the camera, I am looking at a99 or Canon MKlll. My biggest complain with a700 is the noise and general image quality in low lighting like indoors. I live in Alaska and we don't much sunny bright days, so before I invest in cz lenses any suggestions if it is a time to switch over to Canon?

Lets put it this way. Because I had the Canon 5D Mark III till last month. Right now I still have a 5D II body only laying around.

ISO Performance
Low Light performance, the 5D3 is well above the A99. ISO 25600 is perfectly usable on the 5D3. But thats were it ends.

The A99 can be used up to ISO 12800. There rest is probably only if you're a paparazzi and the IQ is secondary. And this places the A99 above the performance of the 5D2.

AF Speed
A99 wins. The Although the AF points are very central on the A99, the 5D3 AF performance unfortunately was bad enough for me at one airshow last year, that i acquired a Olympus E-5 to shoot the airshow afterwards.

Canon is making promises to improve the AF in April. But i did not want to sit an wait. Apart from, this is the third time in 12 month that I was having issues with the 5D3. First it was the Lightleak issue, then the AF issue and now Canon asked me to send the cam for service to fix theAF Illuminator issue.

To make it short. The 24-105L is not very good. The 24-70 Mk.1 is not usable wide open. You need either to stick to the 24-70 F4 L IS or the 24-70 Mk2.

50L usable from f/1.6+ I expect the Zeiss 50 f/1.4 to be as good as the 24, 85, 135 which are usable wide open and makes the to THE top AL gear. Sorry Canon - you loose.

Anything beyond 300mm is either in a pricetag one cannot afford or soft at the wide end. No usable 400mm Zoom available on Canon

Ok, the Viewfinder of the 5D3 is brighter. But, the implementation of the LCD is

a. The AF point are black, once focused, you have no clue which AF point you had chosen
b. Level Gauge in the Viewfinder is not usable as it uses the AF points. Yu have the choice between level gauge or AF point selection.

The A99 illuminates the AF point in Green, this makes it easy at night to see where you focused. Secondly, the level gauge can be permanently overlayed. Not need to fiddle around with the switches.

But even with all positive things around the A99, there is one big glitch - Battery lifertime is horrible. Around 300 - 400 shots and battery is dead. Me at an Airshow with 1500 clicks or more ... nothing to add what i will need.

Why did I drop the 5D3. As for the mentioned issues and another thing. The 70-400 G1 of Sony, is so much better than any Canon Zoom with 400mm, that for me to go to an Airshow was really a pain point.  I have ordered now a 70-400 G2 SSM.

The price tag difference of the overall gear allows me to do this and keep the 70-200G

So I got more value for money in the end with the trade off that I cannot use ISO 25600

The Sony has the right set of AL lenses or the right set of Zoom lenses. You have a very good choice.



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