Micro 4/3 Lens Question: Two Different Goals and Applications

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Considering other options...

For macro, don't feel limited to the two native macro lenses.

Plenty of good legacy glass out there... add an adapter and you'll have a macro for much less than either the Panny or Oly m43 macro.  Or perhaps pick up the 4/3 ZD 50 macro plus 4/3 to m43 adapter.  Super sharp lens, but needs the EX-25 to reach 1:1 (Did you need to reach 1:1?)  For macro work on a tripod, size isn't an issue, and AF isn't as important either.

Travel lens:

The 12-35 seems a bit limited in range to me.  (maybe not to you?) Considering the compact size of m43 lenses, I wouldn't hesitate to take more than one.

12-50 for general, all purpose, all weather lens.

9-18 for when I need wider (Skip if you never need to shoot wider than 12)

40-150 for a bit of reach (skip if you never shoot long)

One fast prime: 17/1.8, 20/1.7, 25/1.4 or 45/1.8, depending on which you'd use the most in low light situations.

I can fit 4 lenses in my jacket, and batteries/charger/cards in my bag... I wouldn't take a separate camera bag

If you're going to do much hiking, I'd consider taking a monopod that could double as a walking stick.

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