Pentax K5, worth buying instead of nikon?

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Re: Pentax K5, worth buying instead of nikon?

D7000 is bigger than the previous D90, gee. K5 is more compact than the previous K20D, yeah! Size matters, no porn intended.

Are the Pentax lenses better than Nikon Dx lenses? To me, yes. Those DA limited lenses are compact, last forever, and great optically.

Nikon Fx lenses are better, and can be used on D7000, but they are HUGE in size, and COSTY.

Still, if portrait is your major use, I would go with Nikon. Why? the flash system. I know the experienced Pentax users produce wonderful portrait work. I don't think even those people like the Pentax flash system... Just inconsistent.

For everything else, like landscape, travel, street etc, ..... Pentax is wonderful---metal built, compact (not light like toys), WR, in body shake reduction, compact lenses, and so on.

gdourado wrote:


I was browsing an online store and saw that a K5 with the 18-135 WR is currently cheaper than a d7000 with the 18-105 lens.

I am thinking about buying a DSLR and was set oN nikon mainly because of the lens lineup.

The 35, 50 and 85 1.8 lenses would be some I would like to buy in the future for portraits.

they also have great general zooms, UWA and have full-frame bodies that are always a future upgrade path.

I don't really know pentax. I know the k5 is considered one of the best APS-c cameras in regard to IQ.

i also like the size, external controls, viewfinder and excellent weather sealing.

what concerns me about pentax is the system... Or the lack of...

From what I see, there is a good 50 1.8.

There is a 35, but slow at 2.4...

No 85... The only UWA starts at 12mm...

So, pentax users, is pentax a system worth buying into?

What lenses do you use for portraits and DOF control?

Also, is the 18-135 a good lens in regard to IQ?

Is the weather sealing of the K5 better than the d7000?

thank you.


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