Tell us: your worst cities in the world for photography?

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Re: Tell us: your worst cities in the world for photography?

lanefAU wrote:

Graham Meale wrote:

Can you please explain what was the issue in Barcelona as I will visit the place in July? Also any advice will be welcomed.

I've read on several websites that Barcelona has a bit of a reputation for bag snatching and pick pocketing. I have friends who had their car's tyres let down and when people offered to help they pinched half their stuff. And I've heard other stories from other people. Our guide when we were there warned us not even to leave bags unattended in our hotel breakfast room. And open-air cafe proprietors on La Rambla told us to take particular care to hold on to our belongings as we dined.

No one in our group fell victim (although one did in Madrid).

I even had a pair of what I call Barcelona trousers made with an internal zip pocket for my wallet and passport.

There's no need to be terrified ... just exericse a little more common sense than you usually would, and probably don't walk around at night on your own.

Thanks for the advice, but am I making myself a target by walking with my DSLR in a top loader bag in front of me and a backpack with only one lens in it and after what time in the afternoon it becomes more risky. I will spend around two to three days in the following cities: Madrid, Cordoba, Seville, Granada and Barcelona, do you have any experience in those places, thanks.

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I have a lot of experience travelling through Spain firstly with SLRs and secondly with DSLRs. I have never had a problem in all these cities you are going to visit and I always carry a front bag. Just be careful in tightly crowded touristic places. I would be, and I have already been as careful in Rome, London, Paris, New York or Chicago as well. Although living now in Leon, I was born in Cordoba and I go there and to Madrid regularly. I have been to Granada and Seville in the last three-four years and to Barcelona not too long ago. Enjoy your stay.


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