Which 50 do you like on FX and why?

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I've got one of those Mike ...

55mm 3.5 ser. # 703811 fr. mid '70s - as well as the M2 extension extension that takes it down to 1/1- mine was Ai'ed with a proper Nikon Ai kit before I got it off of EBay for $150 about 5 years ago ... probably the best mechanical feel of any lens I've ever owned ... I also have Nikon's ES-1 slide copier attachment for it - best set up I know for digitizing "lots" of slides from the old days quickly and acceptably ...

I've kept my 50mm 1.8 D - good enough for me - I've done quite a few nice portraits with it, and I almost always use it it at 4.0 or 5.6 and of course I try to have a background that makes sense in which case ultimate bokeh is less of an issue. What is nice about the "D" is the nearly non-existant distortion ...

Also, flare is a kind of "look" that adds in some shots, just like pushing the clarity slider in a negative direction in Camera RAW for instance ... I like lenses that have a "look" sometimes ... that's why I usually carry a LensBaby in my kit too ... that's why I like my 35mm 2.0 d as well, because it isn't razor sharp edge to edge, but really quite sharp in the center - and has a real nice "look" with a face or area of interest near center frame ... another lens that is more useful close in than at distance.

2 cents

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