New Monochrome mode in SPP 5.5

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Re: New Monochrome mode in SPP 5.5

Roland Karlsson wrote:

SandyF wrote:

You can do B&W conversions too by desaturating saturation and choosing monochrome wb (if that works on x530s (?) I haven't worked a x530 RAW file in ages and don't have one handy to see if recent SPP versions with monochrome wb work with the x530 camera (which I have).

Yes, you can always do that, in SPP or after.

The new monochrome feature claims to get superior results by converting directly to B&W without going via color.

Right, and SPP5.5 monochrome has more control over appearance, "film grain, size, roughness"
But at first I didn't know how to get into the new monochrome processing mode, and I processed several photos in mono in the older way, through desaturation. They look rather similar to the new processing; I didn't use the film grain features or NR. I have four examples of processing using both methods on the flickr link below.

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