D600 with D7100 as Back up

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Re: D600 with D7100 as Back up

vbuhay wrote:

Si Gif,

So in theory, since I have the following lenses:

24 -70mm F2.8 on FX( D600) it is 35 – 105mm f2.8 on DX (D7100)

80-200mm f2.8on FX (D600) it is 120 – 300mm f2.8 on DX (D7100)

85mm f1.8 FX (D600) it is 127.5mm f1.8 on DX (D7100)

Pentax A 645 75mm f4.0 Macro FX (D600) it is 112.5mm f4.0 Macro on DX (D7100)

Pentax A 645 28mm f2.8 FX (D600) it is 42mm f2.8 on DX (D7100)

Pentax A 645 45mm f2.8 FX (D600) it is 67.5mm f2.8 on DX (D7100)

Pentax LS 645 85mm f4.0 FX (D600) it is 127.5mm f4.0 on DX (D7100)

It looks like I will now have 14 different lenses after I get the D7100, yikes!!! I saw a new Sigma 120-300 f2.8 at B&H for $2,999.00. So if I get the D7100($1200) I can have that essentially for free. That is a hell of a deal for me. I am thinking why not get the 2X TC with that and get a 600mm f5.6 at the same time.... I think I am getting carried away with this. I need to get back to the Photo side rather than the gear side

Thanks for the input.

The "focal length multiplier" is a bit of a misnomer. It's a crop factor. It affects framing and composition, but (as I'm sure you realize) it doesn't make the lenses longer. You won't get the increased subject isolation that you would get with a truly longer lens, for example. That can be good or bad, depending on what you are after.

Putting it another way: Shooting with the same framing and aperture on a DX body and an FX body (keeping the same framing by using a longer focal length on the FX body) you will get more DOF in the DX shot.

The D600 has a DX crop mode. Shooting in crop mode on your D600 will be very much like shooting with a D7100, albeit at less resolution.

DX bodies do have the advantage that they use the center portion of FX lenses, which is usually the best part of the image field optically. The distortion and aberration issues are typically worse in the corners

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