Is Your Challenge Entry a Winner?

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Re: Is Your Challenge Entry a Winner?

This opens one of the most sensitive (although sensible) aspects of the basic reasons for Challenges in the first place - their educative component. If it is left aside, the mediocrity will continue to prevail, and it has established its firm position in almost evertything human today.

The reasons for such a sorry state of affairs is general lack of education, and effective thwarting of all attempts to highlight and spread the importance of it. I presume it is an automatic effect associated with sheer mass of would-be photographers, which in turn gets augmented by the unbelievable ease of taking photos, equipment availability, and prevalent lack of will to learn how to properly speak the Language Of Light. It has become a sadly commonplace fact that not many people want to learn anything beyond using the pre-arranged modes and pressing of some button, or touching some spot on the screen.

The industry tries to remove the photographic knowleges from the camera users, offering replacement terms, tools and ways of thinking. Never mind that the technical principle goes on using only four basic elements (blend, exposure, focal length and sensitivity), since our light has not changed (very much) from Day One till now. But ready-made "situations modes" removed even that from conisderation: nowadays it's Pets, Fireworks, Landscapes, Portraits, Birthdays, Boiled Eggs S, M, and H, things like that.

Soon it will be so, if it isn't in my Modes, it can't be photographed.

And then we have the Challenges, richly visited by such photographers. Luckily, not all are like this, and there still is this minor part that knows what they do with their tackle. These, and many among the more interested, would like to learn more. They expect this to come from their challenge-evaluated work.

Do they get what they want from the challenges being the way these are now? Hardly. The stats, the undefined challenges, votings and whatever else we know goes on, nothing can really ensure any consistent response. Thus, no progress can be measured, or used to any advantage. Looking at almost all of this Forum's themes, you can see the truth in this. The Challenges, the way these are, produce yet more mediocrity, against all good intentions.

There is a huge, previously written quantity of text upon what to do about it... Will it ever happen?


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