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Re: No reason for a half frame camera Not quite

Guidenet wrote:

I agree with my friend Bajerunner here. Photography is about light not the lack of light. I didn't buy my D700 or D3s because of their dim light performance but more for their base ISO rendition. Oh, moving up the ISO a tad is nice to have but not essential.

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Cheers, Craig
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If you , as i do , live i an country where the daylight is very scarce you would come to see the essentiallity of good  high iso handling .

My first experience with my D200 and a 2,8 zoom was a day in late nowember in the woods . I was told not go above iso 800 and the result was no pics that day . Some years later i did buy a D3s because of that very day .

So to me it is a nessesaty to have a Good high iso cam .

Mvh Clouseau

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