D600 with D7100 as Back up

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Re: D600 with D7100 as Back up

Si Gif,

So in theory, since I have the following lenses:

24 -70mm F2.8 on FX( D600) it is 35 – 105mm f2.8 on DX (D7100)

80-200mm f2.8on FX (D600) it is 120 – 300mm f2.8 on DX (D7100)

85mm f1.8 FX (D600) it is 127.5mm f1.8 on DX (D7100)

Pentax A 645 75mm f4.0 Macro FX (D600) it is 112.5mm f4.0 Macro on DX (D7100)

Pentax A 645 28mm f2.8 FX (D600) it is 42mm f2.8 on DX (D7100)

Pentax A 645 45mm f2.8 FX (D600) it is 67.5mm f2.8 on DX (D7100)

Pentax LS  645 85mm f4.0 FX (D600) it is 127.5mm f4.0 on DX (D7100)

It looks like I will now have 14 different lenses after I get the D7100, yikes!!!  I saw a new Sigma 120-300 f2.8 at B&H for $2,999.00. So if I get the D7100($1200) I can have that essentially for free. That is a hell of a deal for me. I am thinking why not get the 2X TC with that and get a 600mm f5.6 at the same time.... I think I am getting carried away with this. I need to get back to the Photo side rather than the gear side

Thanks for the input.

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