Nikon drops the ball?

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Re: Nikon drops the ball?

Sad Joe wrote:

photosen wrote:

While the new D7100 is bound to be a good camera for anyone willing to give it a chance, as most cameras these days, my interest in a D300S successor is in the incentive it gives the brand I currently use to improve... And I'm afraid merely in terms of ergonomics and ease of use the D7100 doesn't seem to raise the bar high enough and Canon, always attached to their conservative ways, will probably produce a boring, rewarmed 7D in the 70D.

End of rant!

I also fear that (as a committed Canon user) that Canon will bring out a warmed over 7D and not attempt to tackle the D7100 head on. Canon seem to have lost their way - both the 6D and EOS-M being poor products - even the much better low light AF aspect of the 6D - its ONLY photographic feature being worth talking about is now coming in for stick. As for GPS & Wi-Fi - useful, fun features - YES - help me take better pics - hell NO> Canon PLEASE stop bringing out cameras that FAIL their target users.

Can I ask why you are still here then? You say you are a committed canon user, but according to you the 6D is a poor product, and in another thread recently said that the 7D had lots of AF problems and that's why you stuck with the 40D. So sounds like you haven't been happy with canon since the 40D, so about 5 years or so now? So why are you still here? Go buy a nikon.

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