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Re: Extensive PP

New to this forum but felt I had to defend myself. There was no sharpening applied to that photo in lightroom. A couple of the shots may have been oversharpened / over processed as I sometimes get a little hasty plus I wanted to see what could have been salvaged from the shadows /highlights (particularly the shot of the gate). But as for the shot of the Subaru trucks, the detail sliders were not touched, I only used the basic sliders. Plus, I know how to check the masking when sharpening. The only shots that had any sharpening applied at all were the ones of the ladder and the dirt road but for both of those they were masked so the sky was completely untouched.  Problem may have come from the RAF file being converted to TIFF in Fuji's silkypix before being processed in Lightroom, as I just batch developed them with the default settings.* Also as I was processing them I noticed that Lightroom wasn't playing nice with image. The auto white balace produced some pretty funky results. Perhaps will get better results by shooting JPEG for now and skipping the raw conversion.

Please feel free to comment constructively directly on the image pages.

* AT least I hope it's a processing/conversion issue cause at least that can be fixed. And I admit the problem could still be me end as I didn't take the time to get to know Silkypix or try different development settings.

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