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Re: JPEG engine and High ISOs compared to X10

marike6 wrote:

As far as I can tell from Kamerakazi samples, the X20's JPEGs in many cases, actually look worse than the X10. Tons of NR artifacts obscuring details when viewed at 100%.

Not very happy with this development, and need to decide what I'm going to do about my pre-order. My problem is I'm a RAW shooter. But if the X20's X-Trans RAWs have conversion issues with LR and others, and we don't get great OOC JPEGs like the X10, then what is the purpose of spending over 700 USD (once I get the lenshood/filter set)? It's a pretty camera, but...

I can get the same blotchy high ISO images with a less expensive 1/1.7" camera like the MX-1. And I won't have to wait for RAW conversion issues to be resolved.

I have a pre-order at B&H. Might change it to an MX-1 or go nuts on a D7100.

Anyway, thanks again to Kamerakazi for the wonderful sample set.

Well, I think right now the choices in the enthusiast compact segment are definitelly not limited to Fuji & Pentax. If I were to long for such a device right now, I'd go for X10, XZ-2, P7700 or G15.

Regarding this X20 situation:

I remember the early X-S1 days, when Fuji claimed that its lens are a unique design, how many aspherical elements it employs, etc. We all believed it. Then the shock came in form of substantial softness in the official Fuji samples. Many of us wanted the cam to be good, so there was an unanimous consensus that "Fuji samples are usually pretty bad, real photographers will make it work better". Well, we know the rest of the story.

Then I remember HS30EXR launch. Fuji claimed 30% reduction in noise compared to the HS20EXR. We all believed it ! Then came the photonumeric.fr comparison with HS20EXR and it revealed that sensor performed basically the same - the only tweaks done were in the form of slightly different metering and JPEG processing.

And then I remember X10. And I remember all the lies that orbs were in fact an ordinary blooming and it's all within tolerances.

Does it surprise me then that X20 performs worse than X10 despite Fuji claims that its IQ should rival the old micro43 (12MP) sensors ? No, not at all.

This is not a Fuji bashing. In fact, I admire Fuji image-processing research. I think EXR was a very  bright idea, that works really well with small sensors. And I think that X-Trans is a very bright idea that works well with large sensors.

I don't get the benefit of X-Trans on small sensors, but i am just uninformed consumer (Fuji probably knows better). But I was surprised by my fellow uninformed consumers who demanded X-Trans sensor for X10 successor.

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