Samsung EX2f Owners - How are you liking your camera?

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Re: Samsung EX2f Owners - How are you liking your camera?

I only got this camera as an update for my G12 as I wanted a faster lens, 24 mm coverage (my Nikon 1 current only go down to 27 mm), and an articulated LCD.  And this is the only camera that fit my criteria.  I expected to continue to use my J1 as my camera for travel and simple family events and occasional use of EX2F for wide and off angle pictures (or the 2nd or 3rd camera in family travel) and my full for serious portraits and sports.

but I have been pleasantly surprised about the versatility and the IQ compared to J1 and kit lens.  Now the EX2F is my main travel camera that sits in a belt pouch (during my last trip to Africa and Paris I used it 90+% of time).  My J1 became my backup camera with 30-110mm on (80-300 mm equiv) when I need tele.

But it is not all good.  I prefer G12 if I need to make constant manual adjustments but it is much easier to hold the Samsung than the canon (too heavy for such a small grip).  The wifi button is infuriating (too easily pressed, too long to cancel)  and the lack of consistency (or logic) in the availability of certain adjustments for different camera modes is frustrating as you waste time figuring out which mode allow which adjustment.  The lack of auto rotation also add another layer of work on post processing.

Overall, I am very happy with the purchase. It is well worthy the cost. I expect to have to fight with my family on who get to use the camera (My wife already changed her preference from J1 to EX2F, I expect my second daughter to start competing for this camera soon, thankfully my first daughter only use her iPhone as her camera) and I am considering selling one of my J1s for  V2 when the price is right.

i hope his help.

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Daniel Oh
ps. I truly believe photography as a hobby is defined by the pleasure you get from the activity. It does not matter what equipment or results. I am a hobbyist and a very awful photographer (snapshooter is a better name) but a very happy one.

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