5N+LAEA2+SAL1650: Tired of showbiz

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Re: 5N+LAEA2+SAL1650: Tired of showbiz

If you come from the DSLR camp you should not be bothered by the size & slightly quirky shape of the LA-EA2 , in fact it is very comfortable hold & provides a very sturdy tripod mount.

If you belong to that group who thinks that the NEX lenes are too large & the whole camera is unpocketable then forget it !

Focus is very fast & precise in good light but some hunting may occur with some longer lenses in very low light I such events manual focussing with peaking & magnification usually does the trick .

Virtually all the lenses that I haved tried on a NEX 7+LA-EA2 setup work well but longer FL lenses can show some camera shake quite readily in low light due to the lack of IBIS. I am not particularly keen on using high ISOs on the 7 but I suspect that this would be a more acceptable solution on the N 6.

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