very rare and expensive lens found.. need help :)

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Re: very rare and expensive lens found.. need help :)

Mel Snyder wrote:

i found out this rare "schneider-kreuznach componon-s 2.8/50"

Hardly "rare" - these were sold with many Omega enlargers for about $50-75 new.

Understand that enlarger lens were formulated very different from camera lenses - they were designed to project a flat source (the negative) onto a flat surface (the paper). Most were formulated just for B&W use. If I were you, I would not expend too much money trying to use this on a NEX. There are plenty of used Konica, Minolta and other 50mm lenses with f1.4-2 apertures for as little as $20 used, and any one of them will wildly outperform an enlarger lens.

Absolutely dead-on correct. Even enlarger lenses that are very expensive new are dirt cheap used now because -- let's be honest here -- who uses enlargers anymore? Even folks who shoot film tend to use scanners.

Larger-format enlarger lenses (e.g., for 4x5 film) can be more useful if you need to cover a huge sensor, but lenses intended for 135 film enlarging are most interesting only for their flat fields in macro work using bellows. Also, bokeh and light sources in front of the lens are not design concerns for an enlarger lens, so most have very few blades for their aperture and will give ugly shaped bokeh and flare patterns.

The other lens pictured looks like a typical, cheap, Minolta SR/MC/MD mount wide angle.

In sum, I wouldn't pay more than $25 total for those two lenses if they're in perfect shape.

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