Aperture doesn't have distortion correction for lenses?

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Re: Aperture doesn't have distortion correction for lenses?

Mike Boreham wrote:

Mike Boreham wrote:

kevinparis wrote:

Mike Boreham wrote:

Yes it is true. Raw images taken with the Sony 16-50PZ at wide angle have massive barrel distortion in Aperture 3, with no opportunity to correct within Aperture.

I am an Aperture fan but for distotion correction can't defend Aperture against Lightroom, which I also have.

losangeles wrote:

Somebody in the NEX thread says that Aperture doesn't have distortion correction of RAW images, in that case for NEX lenses (16-50 and 35 mm). Is this true?

read the thread and you will see stated clearly that Aperture does indeed perform lens correction... albeit only with micro 4/3 lenses that have the correction information embedded...

I realise that doesn't satisfy everybody... but it is sufficient for myself and other micro 4/3 user, and puts to rest the lie that Aperture doesn't do lens correction


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I worded my reply to the OP very carefully around the NEX 16-50PZ which I have. I deliberately avoided any comment about micro 4/3 and stayed away from the semantics dogging this thread.

The optical designs of recent Panasonic and Sony wide angles deliberately leave severe barrel distortion uncorrected optically. For JPEGS, Sony and Panasonic carry out the correction to this in camera. For RAW, Panasonic also correct the RAW files in camera, but Sony do not.

Just an afterthought about the micro4/3 RAW file situation.

One way of expressing it is "that the correction info is embedded in the RAW file and Aperture reads it"

The other way is to say that "the RAW file is corrected in camera".

As far as I am aware all RAW viewing and processing software show micro 4/3 RAW files corrected, and it is impossible to view an uncorrected M4/3 RAW.

So it rather a semantics issue whether you choose to call this "in camera correction" or "applying the embedded info".

I sure wish Sony did the same as Panasonic here...in camera correction of RAW.

Photo Ninja displays uncorrected raws, as does DCRaw, and a number of others. Anybody can use these (they have free trials or are free) to see what the uncorrected raw looks like. Then they would know for certain, like I do, that for some cameras and lenses, Aperture automatically corrects for lenses that are 'Software Corrected'.

This doesn't only apply to Micro4/3, but some compacts which also rely on software correction, and potentially any camera provided they document the corrections for raw software authors to work with.

Olympus m4/3 bodies do not write CA correction data into the raw, so only distortion is corrected automatically. Panasonic bodies do write CA correction into the raw, so are automatically corrected for CA too.

Nothing else to say on the matter really, except of course it would be useful if Aperture supported lens and perspective corrections as an adjustment layer, and no doubt one day it will, but as I use good glass and tilt/shift when needed, it's probably less than 1 image in a hundred that will benefit for me. For those, I currently use photoline or Lightroom.


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