3rd party remote RM-UC1 not working on E-M5. Help.

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Re: 3rd party remote RM-UC1 not working on E-M5. Help.


inside the remote RM-UC1 or other compatible  there are some capacitors.

They need to be loaded by the energy coming trough the USB connector. OLympus is using the full 12 pins so there is a quick way through 2 specific pins  to load the capacitors. With compatible remote UC1, there are only 4 pins connected, 2 for classical power like you use to charge your iPhone or Samsung and 2 pins for the camera trigger.

So connect the plug for the first time and wait 1 minute with no action. The EM-5 will provide the power but will not connect the compatible RM-UC1 because nothing was return with the 2pins for trigger, becasue not enough power inside the capacitor

Then unplug the RM-UC1 and replug, it must work.

Because the capacitors are loaded, then the remote RM-UC1 is correctly  recognized by the E-M5.

MAke the same actions plug wait 1 minute unplug and plug each day you plan to shoot.

If you want a fast start up ...use the official OLYMPUS RM-UC1

is it enough clear?

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