Pentax CP+ interview

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Re: Pentax CP+ interview

schaki wrote:

I would strongly dislike to see nice lines like the GX, CX and PX disappear. Especially as long as Pentax is about to continue to fail with their alternatives and eventually I'll look elsewhere as many other. The GRD are probably safe though, but something more than that and the 360 degree camera which is even more niched will be required to stay afloat and I'm not convinced that the current GXR with lensors are going to answer that in a very good way.

Ricoh will have to do something and sooner or later they probably will.

The GX is the recent example of how Ricoh discontinue a camera line - they simply go quiet and stop releasing updated models on schedule. They went dead silent on both the now-overdue CX and PX at CP+ with none on show at all as if they never existed like being erased from a Soviet history book. Having the GXR on display was at least a hopeful sign that they are still making some noise about it.

I keep forgetting about that 360° camera. Maybe it will become really popular and flood this forum with new users.

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