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Re: No worries gerry

I don't think I've ever heard my brother Gerry arguing in favour of a Pentax FF dslr to replace his beloved k5?

He mentions  3 other Ws.  His son Phil is the Canon FF user - usually.  He does a lot of excellent studio work, so that's his main driver for FF I think.  Every year, he does a photobook of the Cropredy festival.  I know he was talking about using just his smart phone for last year's, I can't remember if he actually went through with it.  So size is an issue for him (sometimes).  He was playing with his phone doing indoor panoramas last time I saw him.

I have a D700, and for a year or two I used a Nikkor 28-200 for walkabout.  It's only an OK lens, but it isn't very big or heavy, I'm guessing a bit but about half the size/weight of the 24-120AFS kit lens it came with. A lot of the Nikon lens size burden is having the AF motor in the modern lenses, but the D700 has in body focusing so I don't need to bother with that.

Gerry is very persuasive so these days I'm much more likely to take just a few primes.  Last year I had a few days in N. Wales and packed only the D700 and 3 x MF Takumars - 24/3.5, 50/1.4 and 135/3.5.  None of which are very big.  Frequently often, I'll just take the D700 and an AF 50/1.8. I've just remembered - when I went FF, I traded in my Sigma 10-20 (which was an OK size) and got its big brother, the 12-24.  It's enormous, and I never use it.

Gerry will also remember the time when we were all four in Cardiff.  Phil went partly film FF on Canon; I had the D700 but it mainly stayed back at base.  I used an Oly OM2 + various Adaptalls (mainly 17/3.5) around Cardiff Bay; but my digital gear was a D60 with a chipped Nikon Series E MF 50/1.8, which is tiny.  I carried both cameras and lenses in a single shoulder bag.  So I also think about size a lot.  These days if I use the D60 in the street, it's more likely to have the Nikkor 35/1.8 AFS attached

Brian still has (?) the 4/3 camera Gerry mentions, but he's since moved to Nikon - not an SLR, but one of those amazing superzoom bridge jobs (28-1000 FF equiv, or something crazy).  He and his wife do a lot of overseas travel, and size, weight  and a wide range of FL are crucial for him.

For myself - and Phil to an extent - if the technolgy gets as far as having an FF sensor in a body the size of an early 'small' SLR - Spotmatic, e.g. - with interchangeable lenses and an OVF, I'd be off like a shot. (Unless it's made by Leica because even if I could afford it, they're ridiculously over priced.)

Finally, if I ever need reassuring that the D700 isn't really that big and heavy, I just get the Pentacon 6 TL out of the cupboard.... and pair it up with the CZJ 300/4.  Definitely not a bif combo!

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