M240 review by Ming Thein

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Re: M240 review by Ming Thein

Godfrey wrote:

Daedalus2000 wrote:

Yes...and unlike a certain someone on the internet (Reid Reviews) Ming doesn't charge to read his thoughts on the camera.

I am not sure why you feel you had to make this comment. Different people make money in different ways and there is space for everyone. Reid charges for his comments, Ming Thein promotes himself, his products and courses, Huff uses advertising etc... Noone forces you to pay for anything if you do not see any value.

When did it become unacceptable to earn a living?

It's perfectly acceptable for Sean to earn a living, and if he is successful selling his writings, bravo!

That said, I subscribed to his site for a year but only rarely read any of his work due to the clumsy and confining use of flash media display technology. It made reading his comments so irritating I never bothered after trying a couple of times. I no longer subscribe.

Rather than forcing subscribers to endure such abuse, he would do well to create epubs or PDF ebooks of his reviews and sell them through a legitimate distribution channel with DRM turned on. I'd happily pay a couple of dollars for a good article, presented well, that is actually readable without having to go through contortions.

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Sounds like an outdated business model to me. Like you I would be happy to pay a smaller fee to read some nice articles, like buying a magazine. But I would only buy it thru something like ibooks, for the convenience on payment.

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