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Re: Quick Question and thanks.

marike6 wrote:

Hello Suteishi,

The noise in the shadows even at a low ISO setting like ISO 400 on the X20 is surprising. You can see noise on faces, in the shadows, etc. That surprised me as Fuji's claim on their website was that X-Trans would improve S/NR even over larger sensor cameras. Of course that now seems like marketing talk and not a reality.

Kindest regards, Markus

Hi Suteishi-san,

Thanks for the images. I concur with Markus on the noise in the images on your Flickr site. I have looked at most of your images. I find images from ISO100 to ISO400 to show some noise in good daylight, even in ISO100. The faces and shadows, even in good daylight also show a bit of noise. Personally I would have expected a better IQ in these images at ISO100-200 in these daylight conditions.

The colours are good. My only issue is with the slight reduction in clarity and an increase in noise when peeping at this level. The images also don't look too sharp, only when compared to superior cameras such as X100 or X-E1 in my opinion.

In this picture, the faces look like they are slightly over-exposed too.

Don't get me wrong. I do think the X20 is a great camera. As a matter of fact, it was in my purchase list. However, sheer IQ is of paramount importance to me, and perhaps I was expecting too much as my benchmark is in the APS-C level of performance.

Similarly, just like Markus I wonder if the settings of the X20 are used appropriately, such as the NR figures etc.

I guess you don't own the X100. Just out of curiosity, do you have any plans for the X100S? I would be really interested to know how the X20 compare to the X100S in all shooting conditions in both day light and low light. Like the photos that you have posted in your Flickr site, it would be really great if the same shots are taken with an X100S.

Thanks again for the sample images.

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