shooting video on the D800

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Re: Value of DFSLR video - both sides right

50mm F1.8g is the best lens I have found for video with D800E.

Face recognition, AFC I think it is for AF. Works just fine and AF is perfect and quiet.

But I also have a Sony RX100 and video on that little camera is divine. It is what I reach for if I want to shoot a video. Its small, its stabilised, the zoom is smooth, the sound is great, AF never goes in and out and is smooth and accurate. The steady shot technology makes your handheld video look like you used a glide cam setup. So it can be done and I agree the video is somewhat rudimentary but if you try some more settings on your AF and use the right lens you can get good results with it. I was frustrated with it at first. I bought the Thom D800 guide and details are in that about video settings.

So don't write it off too quickly. Its handy being able to adjust aperture etc on the fly to get the brightness you want.


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