Terada: New 4/3's body (bodies?) in the pipline for 2013

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Re: Terada: New 4/3's SONY body

Its clear the market sees 43rds and m43rds in different places for different purposes than do Olympus or the numerous pundits on the viability of the various formats. Both Sony and Olympus find themselves in similar predicaments and IMO they need to take stock of how they are best oriented and further adapt the hardware to suit. There are a number of pointers already in existence that highlight this quandary.

Most people would be aware that Nikon seem to have ditched the continuation of D300, effecting a lower order of camera to fill that gap and cheap FF as the next step. Canon OTOH have chosen to continue their high end APSC where we expect them to release a new 7D, high frame rate sports/wildlife oriented crop body. I think Canon's example is a perfect analysis of what Olympus should do.

Rather than retire the line for disadvantaged lower order APS or FF bodies marketed to a pricepoint, they are taking advantage of that gap with a camera squarely located within the middle, whose performance we expect will outshake its surrounding competition.

Likewise Olympus could learn from this example, the SLRs are seen as rugged counterparts to m43rd, both weather sealed and physically more robust, their AF performance can more easily be tailored to a new role much as 7D's successor will be. This is achievable in the context of the surrounding technical enterprises.

Olympus need to ratify their range so that it makes sense to the customer, so that it fits within the expectant model capability and services both western and Asian markets, this too is achievable. A plethora of Pen models each difficult to distinguish from the last are confusing for the market and take up more shelf space than vendors are prepared to support. I think they should get back to two models separated by pricing and ability, likewise OMD could use a partner camera to further define the range as the pinnacle of mirrorless formats.

The high parts commonality of the 3 spheres of 43rds is an obvious aid to manufacturing, and some synchronism of operation can be afforded between camera types, more to the advantage of each

Restoring a refocussed 43rds rather than dragging on operations in other areas will revitalise sales in western markets where mirrorless has been lagging behind and outperformed by previous 43rds stats in those markets.

Decisively controlling the size of the range and the span of operations needs to be achieved with some object and purpose in mind, not just a blind assurance that chopping lumps off the whole secures the future of the remainder, for it does not.

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