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Re: Quick Question and thanks.

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Those are my photos which I took in my hometown, in Tokyo. My experience with the camera that ive been usinf since Feb 21 is that it is a very good camera. I also own the X10 and the RX100. In my opinion, the RX100 wins easily on image quality at all iso. The X10 and X20 are basically identical in image quality, even at higher iso.

In short, if you own the X10, i don't think you need to upgrade to the X2I, as image quality won't improve much.... The video is however much much better, as us of course, the viewfinder.



Thank you, Suteishi, for the photos - and your comments on the X20 from first hand experience.

I'm sure you understand there is intense interest in this camera, and no one on this forum has one at present so your full size images are greatly appreciated.

Yes I understand interest, as we all had interest here too in Japan

please feel free to share my X20 photos, I hope it will help for others who have interest in the camera.

Note, I do lIke the camera, a lot! But, as I own the X10, I expected a little more image quality.

Question: have you shot RAW yet? I used to own both the RX100 and X10, and on those cameras you really need to shoot RAW to get the best quality.

As far as handling, the RX100 is much smaller, but doesn't feel very nice to shoot with because there is no grip or VF.

So have you had a chance to shoot and process any RAW files yet?

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to comment and offer your experiences with the X20.


Hello Markus,

Yes, I have shot RAW with both cameras. I used the in-camera RAW processor for the X20 and LR4 for the RX100. My results in terms of image quality remain as earlier stated, the RX100 greatly beats, with no margin of error, the X20 at every ISO.

As for lack of a grip, I use the Franiac grip on the RX100 and it works well to provide holding area. I rarely use a VF as I shoot streetphotos, so this has never been a problem for me on the RX100.



Hello Suteishi,

I'm not interested in the RX100, I've used it and no longer have it. The main question is about X20 RAWs. Are the JPEGs you get from converted RAWs about the same as OOC JPEGs, or do they look better? The noise in the shadows even at a low ISO setting like ISO 400 on the X20 is surprising.

The X10 has great, usable out-of-camera JPEGs, and I like you images a lot, but the JPEG quality doesn't seem to be there. Do you know what NR setting you are using on the X20 in your Flickr Gallery? Can't find it in the EXIF file.

Again, I like the RX100, I know it's great, unfortunately I didn't enjoy shooting with it as much as the X10 or GRD III that I used to use.

I was asking more because I have pre-ordered the X20 and want to find out a bit more details. But thanks so much. I'll be patient like everyone else.

All the best, and thanks again,

Kindest regards, Markus

Hello Markus,

I understand your point on RX100, I just was giving my opinion based on use of all 3 cameras.

I shoot the X20 at -2.0 NR.

The Jpeg out of camera are actually very similar to the RAW I have converted with the in-camera RAW converter.

I hope my answers help you, as this was only reason I made account today to try to give information for other X20 fans.



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