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Re: JPEG engine and High ISOs compared to X10

Kamerakazi wrote:

marike6 wrote:

As far as I can tell from Kamerakazi samples, the X20's JPEGs in many cases, actually look worse than the X10. Tons of NR artifacts obscuring details when viewed at 100%.

Not very happy with this development, and need to decide what I'm going to do about my pre-order. My problem is I'm a RAW shooter. But if the X20's X-Trans RAWs have conversion issues with LR and others, and we don't get great OOC JPEGs like the X10, then what is the purpose of spending over 700 USD (once I get the lenshood/filter set)? It's a pretty camera, but...

I can get the same blotchy high ISO images with a less expensive 1/1.7" camera like the MX-1. And I won't have to wait for RAW conversion issues to be resolved.

I have a pre-order at B&H. Might change it to an MX-1 or go nuts on a D7100.

Anyway, thanks again to Kamerakazi for the wonderful sample set.

You are welcome,

I am sorry if I dissapoint any, but I just give my own experience with this camera. Note, it is a very, very good camera. But I do not see a large improvement in image quality over the X10.

You didn't disappoint me at all.  The X20 IQ at mid to high ISO did from what I see in the JPEGs. From what I can see, the JPEG engine doesn't seem as good as the X10.  As for RAW, I've never known a camera to have LESS noisy RAW files than JPEG, so I would have to guess that the RAW files as even more noisy.  They might look better because NR won't smear detail, but I don't think we'll see an RX100 or even X10 killer with the X20 for low-light shooting.

I do not know why, but the MX-1 is not available yet in Japan. This is a camera that I also wish to own and test on the streets.

That is a pity.  I've collected all the MX-1 sample images from around the internet, and JPEGs look great, totally usually (don't think I could better much better from RAW) and the lens - well it's amazingly sharp right to the edges of the frame.  Anyway, thanks so much.

Much appreciated.  Enjoy your collection of cameras and I hope you make many more beautiful images.

Best, Markus

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