Pixma Pro 100 prints are too dark

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Re: Pixma Pro 100 prints are too dark

penns wrote:

You don't really have to print it if you can tell what it looks like. When I print it on Glossy II the sky is dark, almost ominous. The buildings don't show the darkness as much, but if I look close they are darker what I think they should be. If it looks good to you, where do I begin with trying to figure out how to check the settings? What settings do I check first? I really appreciate your help.

Well I just downloaded it and oppened on my laptop. It looks pretty bright and what I would call, normal. The sky is bright cyan and the buildings have nice open shadow details and nice color.

I printed a small 4x6 on epson ultra glossy using Qimage and printing through the matching ICC profile to my Epson Artisan 720. results pretty much matched the screen even though I just reinstalled everything on my laptop and have not yet calibrated the monitor with the colormunki, it does not match perfectly in color. However, the overall image is not at all dark with an omminous sky as you describe. The print matches the monitor as far as birghtness.

I've heard that the PRO-1 works best using the printer's own easy print plugin through Photoshop.

Other than that I have to direct experience with the PRO-1 but I do have a PRO 9500 and 9000 MKII and I mostly print through both of them through the plug in in PS.


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