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Re: New Nex 3N = downspecced

D Cox wrote:

isvana wrote:

This is more of a NEX-2 with its poorer resolution display (and aforementioned loss of the accessory port). I see the continuous shutter speed is reduced too. Probably the poorer screen is the most significant part, although not being able to add system components (EVF, better flash) almost delegates this to NEX-1 status!

It's the entry model. It isn't aimed at DPReview readers.

My first (film) camera had interchangeable lenses, an extension tube, and a flash sync socket, but no focussing aid at all (you had to measure or guess the distance), a plain optical viewfinder, no light meter (but the film came with a useful leaflet suggesting exposures for Cloudy Bright etc).

Even so, I managed to shoot correctly exposed and in-focus colour slides, after some practice with B&W negs.

Many people started on plastic Russian cameras with similar specs.

Anyone who starts on a Sony 3N has a vastly better camera and is almost guaranteed technically excellent photos from the first day.

Just curious: which 'plastic Russian cameras' in particular you're referring to: all Zenit, FED, Zorkiy series were metal, quite heavy bodies. Unless you're talking about some toy cameras, which I don't even recall. No offence here.



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