Falling asleep in Remote Control setting (D7000)

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Re: Falling asleep in Remote Control setting (D7000)

Oh no, you cannot drive me off, no worry!  I think my friend, you are wrong to even start such a talk here, ...again. We have been through this multiple times.  Here it comes, per cut and paste from some other reply of that kind:

The fact that dpreview separates the DX bodies in a specific arbitrary way, does not mean that they are correct. Since 2007 we do not have a "real" replacement for D300, I do not count the D300s (2009), its the typical increment release, which we have had with Nikon since dawn of time (e.g. F90 and later F90x). Thus the D7000 was the only available successor to D200/D300, to dismay of the semi-pro body users, because the advances in the sensor, as great as they really are, came paired with a lesser functionality and lesser speed of operations, similar to D90.

I generally think that the DX bodies and the discussion forum should be rather split into "only G-lens mount" versus "F/Ai lens mount", with focusing motor coupling and Ai aperture ring connector. This opens way to all classic D lenses, foremost to my set of F/2.8 lenses, my primes, as well as to my PC-shift lenses.

I think, D100/D200/D300/D7000/D7100 belong together.  With a D400 timely released we would not have had this discussion, but Nikon did it the way they did it... They planed for the great FX shift 2012, only to discover that the majority of DX users do not want to return to the 35mm format with its much more expensive and heavy lenses. We got adapted and cozy to the 1.5 scale factor.

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