Appreciable difference over the 70-300 vr

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Over 300

If you find yourself frequently shooting at 300mm, then the longer lenses will really pay off. From your description of your shooting needs, I think you would enjoy a lens with 500mm of reach.

The Sigma 150-500 OS is a fine lens and does very well,. but at 500mm it is sharpest at f/9. The Sigma 50-500 OS is thought to be sharper wide open, and for that you pay the $400 premium over the Sigma 150-500 OS. That is the main difference. That extra stop of light may mean the difference of a full stop of ISO for a cleaner image, or it also might allow you to stay in the field shooting longer into the golder hour before you have to pack up because the light it too low to get a decent shot.

The older Sigma 50-500 (non OS) is similar to the OS version, but it needs to be mounted on a tripod. If you are fine with only tripod shooting, it is a fine choice.

The Nikon 300 f/4 AFS plus 1.4x and 1.7x teleconverters is a sharp combination, but you lose the flexibility of the zoom. These combos are best for tripod work.

I have the 70-300 VR, had the Sigma 150-500 OS, and now shoot the Nikon 600 VR. It is a heavy beast though and I fondly remember only having to lug around the 1900g Sigma 150-500 OS! I am reconsidering buying it again or the Sigma 50-500 OS (leaning toward the 50-500 OS).

Good luck!

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