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Shutter speed is essential to get gestures and to minimize your own camera shake
, use 1600iso and keep ss at 500th or faster
Zone focus manually and work at f8 or a smaller
A good distance for reflexive work is to prefocus at about 7 feet away
Turn off the image review
Get the software updates
Use the motor drive
Use a soft release and get good at the half press to lock exposure before you shoot
Anticipate a scene and "enter" it confidently with the camera ready and shoot bursts
Get good at guessing the angle of view so that you know what you are shooting wjether the camera is at your eye ...or not.
Shoot raw
Do not linger or bring attention to yourself by fussing with the camera
Everyone hates a snoop... be prepared to say simply and pleasantly why you are taking or took someones picture. Street work is a people skill if you are pretentious or struggling to explain yourself you will have a problem.
Wallace Stevens said something valuable to this effect "even cameras..? We tend to gulp down evil and choke at the good..," I keep that in mind and avoid the "find a bum" school of photography whenever possible.

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