How many of you shoot every day?

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Clyde Thomas Contributing Member • Posts: 959
Question is vague...

It's like asking a guitarist if they play every day...

Well, some, like photographers, might practice every day, learning critical manual focus techniques, or how a camera feature works.

But judging that practice on camera screen is akin to a guitarist judging his practice by ear.  Photographers should implement the workflow too, to make downloading, editing, corrections, batches, a part of the routine... only then can the practice be truly evaluated... Like a guitarist who listens to their practice on recording afterward.

35 year working professional, and no, I don't shoot every day.  But I do handle my cameras every day, and plan photo shoots, and handle producer tasks, and promotions, and sales, and calibrate monitors, and printers, and archive backups, and clean equipment, and, and...

I don't shoot every day.  But I am a photographer every day.

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