Which 50 do you like on FX and why?

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Re: Which 50 do you like on FX and why?

Hey RB, are you going to get the Zeiss 55?  Honestly I'm far more excited to see what OTHER focal lengths might be in that particular crazy top of the line lineup. 50mm lenses in general don't get me excited simply because the 50mm focal length isn't one of my favorites. No way I'd spend 4 grand on one, even if it were MTF perfect wide open. Now - if they were to design a killer 24/1.4 that was amazing by F/2 through F/8, and I mean no corner color cast and sharp corners with excellent contrast across that range (and more), I'd start saving as I'd probably be a buyer.

That being said, there is a 55 I do like, and it's (by far) my cheapest lens - a used 1968 or so variant of the 55/3.5 Micro Nikkor that had been AI'd. Bought it used for 60 odd bucks. Sharpest lens I own at a couple feet subject distance - and it ain't even a close race - beats any current AF nikon macro lens in that distance range actually - of course, it has one huge downside - moderate and long distance subject distance performance is beyond weak to the point of laughable.  But it shows what can happen if a designer goes "all in" on one particular distance range at the extreme expense of ignoring all purpose or long distance usage. Every other Nikon macro lens that followed it never was as good close up, being every other one was optimized to be better at all around usage. Never believed it until I got my hands on this one vintage and it's staggering at what it was meant to do. Wakimoto knew what the hell he was doing, for sure.

But I digress. I've had some Gin


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