How many of you shoot every day?

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Re: How many of you shoot every day?

arie wrote:

Torode wrote:

These days I only go out when I already have something to shoot in mind, otherwise it's just snaps of my pets around the house. I don't like it when my photography feels forced, and I don't feel comfortable taking shots for the sake of it, even if it might help me improve in the long term.

I guess there's two schools of thought here. One is that if you want to hone your skills, you should do it even if you don't feel like it. The other is that you shouldn't force it to happen. I think the former produces the best results if you really want to become proficient in something. But being "forced" to do something is no fun unless it turns out to be a positive exp in the end.

Your comment reminds me of what the difference between a professional and an enthusiast is.

An enthusiast gets to make great photos any time they feel like it.

A professional has to make great photos even when they don't feel like it.

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