Aperture doesn't have distortion correction for lenses?

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Re: Aperture doesn't have distortion correction for lenses?

losangeles wrote:

kevinparis wrote:

Mike Boreham wrote:

Yes it is true. Raw images taken with the Sony 16-50PZ at wide angle have massive barrel distortion in Aperture 3, with no opportunity to correct within Aperture.

I am an Aperture fan but for distotion correction can't defend Aperture against Lightroom, which I also have.

losangeles wrote:

Somebody in the NEX thread says that Aperture doesn't have distortion correction of RAW images, in that case for NEX lenses (16-50 and 35 mm). Is this true?

read the thread and you will see stated clearly that Aperture does indeed perform lens correction... albeit only with micro 4/3 lenses that have the correction information embedded...

I realise that doesn't satisfy everybody... but it is sufficient for myself and other micro 4/3 user, and puts to rest the lie that Aperture doesn't do lens correction

Really? Astonishing logic. It doesn't perform it on my NEX. There you go, you're wrong.

Interesting world view.... so if Apertures lens correction doesn't work for you and your camera, anybody else who actually has seen it work on their camera is wrong!

The title of this thread poses a question.... the early answers were not correct in certain circumstances...I took time to correct the misconception, and indeed pointed out that perhaps for those who are genuine interested in applying bespoke lens correction, that perhaps Lightroom would be a better choice.

If the thread had been titled, "does Aperture support lens profiles?" then my answers would have been shorter and sweeter


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