D800/D800e: 10-pin remote terminal issue

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Re: D800/D800e: 10-pin remote terminal issue

I bought a new (not refurb) d800 in late January 2013 from B&H. Pulled it out of the box and popped the flash open and a screw fell out and part of the flash arm fell off. The first time I tried to use a remote with it, the ten pin failed exactly as per OP's photos, ruining an architectural shoot for me. I also noticed that most of my photos were substantially underexposed when shooting in manual mode (all settings 'neutral/average metering' as per normal use), adjusting exposure against the metering display. The RAW histograms look like the topography of Colorado from west to east.

I returned the camera to B&H (no questions/problems) And they sent me a replacement. I just opened it, took five shots just testing things a bit, and tried touching the 10 pin with my pinky finger with the same force I would have to apply to connect the remote (very little), and the connector started to recede into the body. It still works, but it will clearly fail sooner or later, as it is NOT fastened to the body internally.

I am a professional, and have used the same 10 pin remote hundreds if not thousands of times on my D3, and never ever had a problem. I've not had a problem - any problems at all, actually - with any of the other six Nikon digital bodies I've used and abused over the past ten plus years.

I'm not even sure what to do at this point, as I largely specialize in architectural and commercial photography, and I use the ten pin connector with great frequency. If i show up to an architectural shoot and can't shoot HDR, the job is over before i can start. While others have suggested a 'dongle extension', that is simply not acceptable for other reasons, and is also like to result in damage in other shooting situations.

Clearly, from reading all the various 'problem' threads on this camera, Nikon has one or more SERIOUS design and/or manufacturing problems that STILL have not been addressed, and I would caution anyone buying this camera to only do so if they are willing to do thorough quality testing immediately upon purchase and be prepared to suffer multiple returns or repairs.

I say the above as long-time professional Nikon user who has to date been very satisfied with their products... Until now. I love the potential output the D800 offers, but I need one that lives up to their reputation. If I were not dealing with B&H, I'd think someone was sending me Chinese knock-offs.

Ranting aside, has anyone sorted this out? Is the camera being assembled defectively (as with my flash falling apart straight out of the box)? Or is the design defective? If the latter, then this camera just isn't suited for pro use at all...

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