How is the x100(s) lens compared to the Panasonic 20mm?

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Re: How is the x100(s) lens compared to the Panasonic 20mm?

mr moonlight wrote:

I used to have a GF1 and the 20mm. It's a good lens, but it's hard to compare to the X100's 23mm. It's longer being a 40mm equiv and it's also for m43 so you lose a lot if you want thin DOF. Both are good lenses, but being for the APS-C X100 puts the 23mm on another level. It's like going from APS-C to FF, but with an even larger difference. If you just want something that outperforms the Panasonic 20mm, the X100's 23mm will easily do that. When you take into consideration the benefits of a larger sensor, there's no competition.

yeahhno. the 20/1.7 has a physical aperture opening of 20mm/1.7= 11.76mm

the X100 has a physical aperture opening of 23/2 = 11.5mm.

Ergo, the 20/1.7 gives you shallower DOF, even if you ignore the fact that, if you display photos from both cameras at the same size, the m43's sensor output will be enlarged to a greater degree, meaning all of the bokeh will be enlarged more, giving more unsharpness and even shallower DOF (the latter point is also known as a m43 sensor having a smaller circle of confusion than an APSC sensor).

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