A77 exposure problem...I've sent my 3rd A77 back to Sony-style...

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Re: A77 exposure problem...I've sent my 3rd A77 back to Sony-style...

BackToSlr wrote:

Hopefully you are not taking pictures indoor with fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent light spectrum is not continuous but it blinks at line frequency so every exposure can be different (since light source is flickering). If you are using a continous light source like tungsten then it maybe camera problem.

It is a common newbie mistake, to try to take pictures with non-continuous light.

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Well the old argument has been bashed about and is 90% fallacy.

In fact there is some evidence that a strong single light MAY have a filament that some brains can see at 60hz as in a flash or flicker.

The answer is CFL lights which operate about at 10,000 to 40,000 cycles per second.*

Some people blame all kinds of things on lighting.

Of course there never is operator error involved.

Temperatures involved to fire the protons that give light do not cool substantially during the low end of the sine wave, and some light it still emitted.  There is also the reflection of the previous high end bashing around the room or space.  To shoot without a flash indoors with most cameras you need a long shutter time, and any perceived change in the light output needs scientific evaluation.

It is of interests to read up on colours and temperatures of different lighting systems, so that you might adjust.  In most cases this is not a good idea.  If the light was a yellow sodium you shoot that as a memory of the place.  Sure you can make it blue in post buy why???

I cannot find in my home any light source that I can turn on and then shoot with my camera as OFF. Does not happen.  I can make that a challenge, if YOU think that you can shoot a lit scene with a common home light, and have it come out dark,then bright then dark, I'd sure like to see it.

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