EOS 6D optical viewfinder vs. Rebel T2i

Started Feb 23, 2013 | Discussions thread
RedFox88 Forum Pro • Posts: 27,991
industry mistake

djourisman wrote:

The T2i viewfinder has an 0.87x magnification, while the 6D has an 0.71x magnification.

This is an industry mistake, generally to their advantage.  The thing is they use a 50mm lens for this calculation instead of a 50mm Field of View, which would be about using a 31mm lens on aps-c dSLRs.

Does anyone have any experience with the 6D viewfinder? Is the view noticeably smaller than the T2i? Any comments or explanations would be greatly appreciated.

What it turns out is aps-c dSLRs OVFs are about 0.57 to 0.62x magnification compared to 0.7x about on 35mm dSLRs.  So the 6D OVF will be much bigger than the T2i OVF.

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