Do Fast Lenses Matter Anymore?

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Re: Do Fast Lenses Matter Anymore?

bruxi wrote:

As I look at pricing for Canon 70-200L lenses, it looks like the price premium for a 2.8 is about $1,000 (average of IS and non-IS versions). A thousand bucks seems like a lot for basically one stop when new sensors are bring many more times that through rapid ISO improvements (like the 6D). There is so much more room now on ISO to crank it up with very little performance drop off. The notion of "fast lenses" feels more and more like dinosaur film thinking and makes very little sense to me from a value perspective.

Honestly i thought this way even back in the film days which is why i've always liked canon.. One stop you can push print film beyond and modern digitals are improving incredibly quickly to high iso land. I use zooms for convenience and portability and the f/4 70-200 is great for that (and honestly the DOF is thin enough at the longer reaches, to as still make a great portraitish lens) .. For cases where one is playing thin DOF games the fixes play their role better than the /2.8 anyway so along w/ the f/4 zooms and a couple of fixed at your favorite focal lengths (say 135/f2 35/1.4 85/1.2) you basically have the best of both worlds..

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