Wow banding is really bad on d5200

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Re: Maybe 5 stops, but D7000 has no problem with a +5EV push

There MUST be a reason why they choose the toshiba sensor, it seems to be better than the Nikon (or sony?) in the D3200. And it is especially better with video.

The lack of AA filter could be very good they surely had a reason why they left it out.

I am not sure it is the same sensor as the toshiba one in the D3200. 3 different sensor with 24Mpixel would interesting but who knows.

I think we should wait for the pics from independent sources and the RAW's.

It will shows what is the situation.

I can hardly wait


Yes, 5 stops is rather extreme for pushing the shadows, but my D7000 can be pushed that hard without banding. Sad to see that the D5200 (and likely the D7100) has this banding issue. Nikon should have stuck with Sony's sensors and not gone with another source.

Between the banding of the sensor when shadows are pushed, and the lack of AA filter, this pretty much kills any thought of "upgrading" for me. The remaining main selling point is the better AF unit, but losing out on the ability to push shadows (vs my d7000) & having to accept moire and aliasing artifacts mean I'll be sitting this generation out.

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