cleaning of Epson 3880 maintenance tank

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Re: cleaning of Epson 3880 maintenance tank

Ursula Freer wrote:

AusPic wrote:

Ursula Freer wrote:

Has anyone tried the procedure demonstrated on inkrepublic. You need to scroll all the way down to see how it's done. I just got an Epson 3880 and have not had the need to try this. But I will when the time comes.

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Cone offered a resetter that sounded just too good so I bought one. When it was delivered I read the instructions..........Had already discounted the Inkrepublic method as too much messing about. Back to the resetter.....its even MORE complex.......then I sat down and did the sums.

Today my Plan 'B' is :

purchase a replacement once a year or so ( can be longer), click in and it's all done over in seconds!!!! Why make problems and more work for yourself?

I don't smoke but a replacement waste tank and a packet of 30 cigarettes are the same price so on that basis its a no brainer for me.

Enjoy your 3880 they are great machines.

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Andrew G

Andrew, I see your point. Except I was shocked how quickly the maintenance tank is filling up.

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You would be a lot more shocked if you actually saw the volume of ink that gets wasted in a bottle.

All my RXXX printers are housed with External Waste ink Bottles and I get to see just how much money, uhh, INK gets used during normal maintenance.

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