cleaning of Epson 3880 maintenance tank

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Re: cleaning of Epson 3880 maintenance tank

HotArt wrote:

irvweiner wrote:

Ursula, rather than go thru the fuss of replacing the ink absorbing foam I have placed a plastic bottle cap in the central D-shaped area. The cap is ~1/4 in deep and collects the waste ink, one a week or so I lift the cap out with a tweezer and empty it into a wad of paper toweling, and then place it back. Been doing this for >2 yrs without any fuss or muss. I did buy a resetter for the maint tank and a spare tank so I would not be caught in a situation where Epson would decide that I could not print that day. I'm not happy with the way their counters count!

I have been using Inkjetcarts and Jon Cones refillable system. I switched to the smaller 80 ml Cone carts because the larger 150+ ml carts were exhibiting banding when the ink level got quite low, otherwise they performed admirably. The inks of either vendor did not alter the quality of my B&W prints--the awards from my camera club competitions continued unabated. As stated in my previous posts these B&W prints brought back the smell of 'hypo' from my 1st pints 7 decades ago!

enjoy the 3880 especially with canvas! irv weiner

Hi irvweiner,
Using your "bottle cap system", does the waste tank counter still count down, even though no ink is getting on the pad?
If it does, how did you get around the counter/reset issue?

Why Wouldn't it? There i s no connection of the "Pad" with anything.

The printer's waste ink counter goes on happily counting away and sending the info to the chip.

Even if you took the pad out completely it would stil work. It might get a bit splashy in there though.

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