Flash - Again and Again

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Re: Flash - Again and Again

Jeadm wrote:

I have a Metz 50 AF-1 I bought used that I'm happy with and have no issues. I actually purchased over a used Sony 42/43 on forum advice complaining about wobble and false contact for some. The Metz slides on just like the Sony but has a screw down locking mechanism which keeps it pretty tight, works for me.

That said, it's difficult to troubleshoot further if the problem is in the body unless you've experienced problems with multiple flash heads... or have another body lying around to troubleshoot the one flash.

i believe I have read a few posts where they complain about the loose fit of the flash unit to the hotshoe. Haven't you? The Sony contacts are tiny, tiny little points of metal and the spring mechanisms of the little posts that are supposed to hit them are really small. This just cannot be a good plan.

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