AF DC-Nikkor f/2D 135mm or 105mm ?

Started Feb 22, 2013 | Discussions thread
calson Veteran Member • Posts: 8,500
Re: AF DC-Nikkor f/2D 135mm or 105mm ?

The longer the lens the better for portraits but I find the 135mm too long for general use indoors so I bought the 105mm DC lens. Take any zoom you have and do some people photos indoors and get a sense of the difference in crop at common distances at 105mm and 135mm settings.

When I shot DX cameras with the 85mm it had the picture angle of a 135mm lens and I disliked it for indoor use for that reason. OK for head shots but too long for full figure pictures in most rooms/spaces.

The 135mm would be better outdoors and provides a slightly greater working distance between the camera and the subject(s) and slighly better perspective but not enough of a difference to offset the difficulty of using it indoors.

When all people were shooting were 35mm film cameras the 105mm was used far more often and was a much more popular focal length than 135mm. I believe it was the same problem of working distance when shooting indoors.

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