Terada: New 4/3's body (bodies?) in the pipline for 2013

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Re: Terada: New 4/3's SONY body

RobbGee wrote:


Craig from Nevada wrote:

I take the term "more competitive" to mean both companies have agreed to stop losing money selling cameras.

I agree, does this really mean economy of scale and rationalisation of camera ranges?



I think short-term is to stop overproduction. Too many cameras  are chasing too few buyers.  Prices are not sustainable.  Other than this, I have no idea of what Sony is up to these days other than losing money on many things.

One thing I noticed this past week is that Sony announced the a58.  My understanding is that this means no more A35 and no more A57.  The definition of entry level is now changed. Entry and mid-entry level will now be consolidated.  One less camera to develop, manufacture and market.  The definition of entry level is now changed.   This leaves Sony with the three dslr cameras--A58, A77, and A99.  This is where the world is going.  DSLR may have some limited future, but the future lies elsewhere for entry level to mid-range users.

What most people need is an affordable device, that provides, internet, voice, gps, and photo functions. I need to take this on vacation or to work--one charger and cord. Period. Samsung is making headway here.

A second factor, concerns the finances of Olympus imaging.  I went to their global website today.  It seems that camera revenues are about 40 percent of what they were just 4 years ago. Olympus as a camera maker is contracting.  I can't see them sustaining the line they have now. Based on what they have said, it is mirrorless.  I suspect point and shoot is gone and DSLR will probably will continue to wither on the vine until it just disappears.

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